Barilla’s delicious, ready to use sauces are made to ensure everyone can enjoy a delicious meal with ease.  We carry these sauces in four tasty flavours; mushroom, spicy marinara, tomato & basil and marinara.


Italian passata, tomato paste , pizza sauce and sauces are where Cirio excels. These ready to use sauces are sure to be helpful in any kitchen, easy and delicious.


Di Pompei Tomatoes

A collection of tomatoes grown in the Mount Vesuvian region of Italy where the climate is ideal for growing the finest tomatoes is what we use for our Di Pompei line.  The choice of tomatoes make all the difference in taste.  Organic options available for the whole, strained and diced tomatoes as well.

Fioretti Tomatoes

This Fioretti line uses a wide assortment of Canadian tomatoes, affordably priced. These tomatoes are available in whichever form you fancy including; paste, diced, whole, crushed and heavy crushed.


La San Marzano

La San Marzano tomatoes are used by many great chefs to provide the finest tomato sauces.

Paese Mio

Another choice of tomatoes that we offer is the Pease Mio line that give you a choice of puree, diced and organic puree.