Retail Pasta & Sauces

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At Conte Foods, we only use the best natural ingredients.


We manufacture a large assortment of fresh pasta from traditional short to long cuts as well as custom stuffed pastas in a variety of shapes and sizes.
But of course we couldn’t stop there, we also create a wide range of traditional and custom sauces to complement to any of our pastas.

D.Fresco – our retail pasta and sauce line is made with fresh ingredients, locally sourced and approved by CFIA standards.  Our recipes retain the Italian tradition in which they was derived.


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Our fresh pasta is made all in house with local and fresh ingredients for your ease and convenience.  Come and pick up the different types to share with all your loved ones!  We offer the following types of pastas; agnolotti, gnocchi, lasagna, linguine, tortelloni, and triangoli.



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All our sauces are made to be mixed and matched with all of our fresh pasta, so go ahead and get creative!  Alfredo, Bolognese, cardinale, pesto or tomato, whichever one you pick will ensure dinner will be delicious.