Olio D’oro

Olives from Italy, with the help of olives from Greece and Spain round out our oil giving it a light and flavourful essence.  This oil is very versatile, and will work beautifully in any dish or salad.  Olio D’oro also offers a grape seed and a sunflower oil both imported from Italy for all types of cooking and baking needs.


San Giuliano Alghero

The pride of Sardinia where the most flavourful olives are grown. The cold pressed extra virgin oil is obtained by crushing only the finest Italian olives, in traditional stone mills.  San Giuliano also produces the finest organic extra virgin olive oil “Cuore di Olivo” (Heart of the Olive) using a natural process of decantation and filtration without the use of chemicals.


The Mancino line offers an assortment of infused oils to bring out extraordinary flavours to all of your dishes.  Available flavours include; Gravistelli, lemon, pepperoncino, garlic, rosemary and basil.