Cured Meat & Fish

Fine Italian Cured Meat & Fish products


Callipo Tuna

Callipo Yellowfin tuna is characterized by its tender compact, light rose relatively lean protein.  Only the very best tuna is chosen and all stages of the production process are carried out in Italy.

Paese Mio Anchovies

Anchovies are a great way to flavour your pizza, pasta, or simply added to salad to make a classic Caesar salad.  It is also a very simple way to add protein to your meals that is easy and tasty!


Sila Salametti

Classic salami made from cured quality pork meat and specially flavoured to bring out its true character.  With the flavours ranging from Calabrese, red wine, white wine, black peppercorn, port and fig, parmesan and original, your possibilities for dinner is endless.