Dry Pasta

Our pasta line of top quality Italian brands



Barilla’s easy cook times that gives you a consistently great results in a large variety of shapes and cuts, will ensure dinners will always be delicious!  Certain cuts are also available in a Gluten Free option.

De Cecco

Their taste has not changed for over a century, bronze drawn and slowly dried to fall onto the plate full of taste, and always al dente.  This brand will make dinner simple and delicious.  Select from a wide variety of cuts to satisfy all your clientele’s needs.

De Cecco dry pasta
Mondano dry pasta


Pasta at its finest, these pastas are all Bronze drawn cuts which helps retain the sauces and provide that true authentic taste of Italy.  Each bag clearly shows the beautiful cuts, and why not, they have nothing to hide.

Paese Mio Rustica

Artisan style cuts of pasta made much like the days when pasta was formed by hand.  Stock your shelves with as much authentic Italian tradition as possible.

Paese Mio dry pasta
Promoteo Farro dry pasta

Promoteo Farro

Spelt pasta is low in gluten content and rich in fibre and vitamins, making it a healthy and tasty option for pasta lovers.   This is a great alternative to the conventional pasta.