Cookies & Crackers

Our full line of Italian cookies & crackers



These wafers and cakes smell and taste “Italian” from the first bite.  This assortment of Italian treats are delicious and the perfect choice for lunches and snacks (some are even individually packaged making it great to grab and go.)

Cantucci D’abruzzo

A double baked biscotti made from the Abbruzzo region of Italy is meant to be enjoyed with your favorite hot beverage or glass of wine.  Either way, the taste is sure to please.  There are four different flavours, (almond, chocolate, cranberry and pistachio) for customers of every age.


Paese Mio

Tarralli and Treccini have been a common snack food all over the southern half of Italy.  The texture is similar to a pretzel or cracker making it a delicious snack.  The unique flavours that we offer are fennel, potato rosemary and olive oil.